Tuesday, June 22

Mayor Garcetti to fans: Well celebrate Dodgers, Lakers titles – Los Angeles Times

Within minutes of the Dodgers winning the World Series on Wednesday, LeBron James took to Twitter, pleading for a championship parade.

“I know we can’t but … I wanna celebrate with our Lakers and Dodgers fans!!!” James wrote. “LA is the city of CHAMPIONS.”

This just in, from the mayor of Los Angeles: The Lakers and Dodgers will indeed celebrate with their fans.

“I definitely intend to have the opportunity for Angelenos to celebrate the Lakers and, on their own day, the Dodgers,” Mayor Eric Garcetti told The Times late Tuesday night.

How those celebrations might take place is uncertain, with social distancing still mandated as the coronavirus continues its significant spread throughout Southern California. One idea Garcetti threw out: a hilltop reign at Griffith Park.

“Stick them up at the observatory,” he said, “and watch them preside over the town as champions.”

He said he is open to all suggestions, with the Lakers and Dodgers ultimately deciding what fits each team best.

Garcetti said he watched Tuesday’s clincher at home with his family. He said he tried to explain to his 8-year-old daughter that many years sometimes pass without championships. After the final out, he said, he stepped outside and waved his Dodgers cowbell.

“I listened to the city screaming, and all the fireworks,” he said. “It was a pretty special night.”

Sports, at least, gave Los Angeles two positive memories of 2020.

“There are a few things that comprise our DNA in L.A.: sand, sunshine, the Lakers and Dodger blue,” Garcetti said. “To have two of them come through, to give us the joy we so badly need this year, is really exceptional.”

In fact, it was once in a lifetime: The Lakers and Dodgers won championships 16 days apart.

“They’ll never be a month like this,” Garcetti said, “just as we hope there is never a year like this.”

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