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Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santa Cruz live updates, results, highlights from the full card – DAZN News US

Davis-Santa Cruz Round 5

Santa Cruz opens with a triple jab, but Davis defends well. Davis is loading up that left hand, waiting for the right time to really unleash it with bad intentions. Counter left lands for Davis now. Santa Cruz lands a straight left. In the waning seconds, Davis lands an uppercut and sweeping left hand for good measure. (10-9 Davis, 49-46 Davis)

Davis-Santa Cruz Round 4

Santa Cruz and Davis both digging to the body. Davis lands a left uppercut-right hand combo, but Santa Cruz fights back and lands shots of his own! This is a phonebooth fire fight! Electric stuff early on. Davis banging Santa Cruz’s body. Davis measures a strong left to the body. Davis eats a left to the face from Santa Cruz seconds later. Davis doing a nice job working the body. Close round. (10-9 Davis, 39-37 Davis)

Davis-Santa Cruz Round 3

Santa Cruz walking Davis down in the opening seconds and digs a right into the body. Davis again with a counter left. Santa Cruz and Davis exchange fire, before Santa Cruz connects on a left. Davis again with a left and he doubles up with another left. Santa Cruz briefly brushes Davis back with a right to the body and then a quick flurry upstairs to end the round. (10-9 Santa Cruz, 29-28 Davis)

Davis-Santa Cruz Round 2

Davis with a left hook that lands flush. He just misses with a counter left uppercut. Santa Cruz pushes forward. Now, Davis pushes Santa Cruz to the ground! All the mutual respect they had has been thrown out the window. Now, Santa Cruz unloading on Davis, although “Tank” rolled with some of those punches. Still, Davis comes right back with the uppercut and takes this round, too. (10-9 Davis, 20-18 Davis)

Davis-Santa Cruz Round 1

Counter left uppercut from Davis grabs Santa Cruz’ attention. Santa Cruz trying to stay disciplined with his jab, sticking the punch out there. Santa Cruz now with a flurry. Davis winding up with an uppercut and has already drawn blood. Santa Cruz returns fire with a right. But right now, this is Davis’ style. Davis digs into the body  and Santa Cruz counters with a quick flurry. He pushes Davis to the ground to the roar of the crowd. It’s ruled a push and the round ends seconds later. Action-packed first round. (10-9 Davis)

Davis pulls a Mayweather and rocks a sombrero to the ring with Lil Uzi Vert by his side

“Tank” also rocking a robe with the colors of the Mexican flag.

Davis with shades of his promoter, Mayweather, who rocked a sombrero and Mexican flag robe for his ring walk against Oscar De La Hoya back on May 5, 2007.

Leo Santa Cruz getting a big pop from the San Antonio crowd

Santa Cruz is making his ring walk to the roar of the Alamodome crowd of just north of 9,000 fans. His father/trainer, who has had to overcome near-death experiences due to cancer and COVID-19, is by his side.

Remember, this is Davis’ and Santa Cruz’s pay-per-view debut

The winner will not only bank two titles, but open the floodgates to headline more lucrative PPVs in the near future. A little over 9,000 fans are spread out through the Alamodome to witness what should be a memorable bout.

The Gervonta Davis-Leo Santa Cruz main event is next!

It has been three fights, three knockouts so far in this pay-per-view. What will Davis vs. Santa Cruz have in store? Two titles on the line, with the winner taking all.

Barrios gets big sixth-round KO to defend WBA “regular” junior welterweight title

Barrios tells his corner that Karl’s punches are getting weaker. That’s definitely due to the body attack that Barrios has put on the challenger. Barrios unloading early here and now drops Karl with a big right hand. Karl is up and beats the count, but Barrios goes right back on the attack and is throwing a barrage of punches. But Karl comes right back with a big right hand. Barrios comes back and buckles Karl with a left hook. Karl, even on shaky legs, lands another big right. But a clash of heads has opened up an ugly gash over Karl’s right eye. The ringside doctor checks on it and they continue. Barrios is mashing the pedal and throwing heavy punches and Karl is trying to fight back. 

But Barrios drops Karl, who falls face first, before rolling flat on his back. He’s knocked out! Barrios defends his title to the delight of the San Antonio fans in attendance.

Despite Barrios dominating behind his body work, one can’t help but feel bad for Karl, as the inadvertent headbutt caused the gash during the same round that he was somehow finding a way to fight back. Still, a dominating performance from Barrios.

Barrios-Karl Round 5

Barrios has slowed Karl’s pressure significantly and he could thank his body work for that. Still, Karl is trying to be scrappy and piece punches together. Barrios keeps pounding the body, before landing a lead left hook as well. A sweeping left hook lands as well and then an overhand right, too. (10-9 Barrios, 48-47 Barrios)

Mayweather overseeing Davis getting his hands wrapped

Barrios-Karl Round 4

Sweeping left hook lands for Barrios, who adds in a right hand as well. Now, Barrios is walking down Karl and unloading with left hooks. The champ is turning things up a notch here and Karl is thinking about pressing forward a bit because of it. Barrios lands a right and it looks like he briefly buckles Karl’s knees with a body shot, too. Moments later, Barrios adds a nice uppercut for good measure. A stiff jab from Barrios stuns Karl and then the champ goes right back to the body. Barrios connects on two right hands to end the round. A great fourth frame from the champ. (10-9 Barrios, 38-38)

Barrios-Karl Round 3

Karl lands a straight right flush, but Barrios returns fire with a lead left. Karl lands a right and left, before Barrios again attacks the body. Those body shots are going to take effect. Karl chasing Barrios and connects on a right. Karl’s work rate and hunger gives him the third as well. (10-9 Karl, 29-28 Karl)

Barrios-Karl Round 2

Barrios working the body with that left hook. But Karl lands two right hands and is moving forward, gaining steam. Karl is getting inside and throwing punches in bunches. However, Barrios clips him with a chopping right hand. Still, Karl moves forward and keeps his work rate high. Barrios working the body well and countering even better. Left hook lands for Karl with under 10 seconds. Karl takes the round, but was slowed by the body work from Barrios. (10-9 Karl, 19-19)

Co-main event: Barrios-Karl Round 1

Ryan Karl comes out the busier of the fighters, throwing more punches. But Barrios gives him something to think about with a stiff right hand to the body. Karl felt that, but keeps moving forward. A counter left lands for Barrios and Karl responds with a right. Big left hook clips Karl. Moments later, he sticks the jab, which connects as well. That left hook might have given Barrios the round. (10-9 Barrios)

The co-main event with Mario Barrios defending his WBA (regular) junior welterweight title against Ryan Karl is next

Two fights, two stoppages thus far. Let’s see how Barrios-Karl pans out next.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the locker room of Gervonta Davis

Prograis says his year-plus layoff led to him not making weight

“I still feel like I’m the best at 140 (pounds),” Prograis tells Showtime, before calling for the rematch with Josh Taylor, who handed “Rougarou” his first loss last October.

Meanwhile, Prograis’ wife is about to deliver their third child any time now. Special time in the 31-year-old’s life.

Whoa! Prograis drops Heraldez with a thud and ends the bout with a third-round TKO

Prograis drops Heraldez with a thud on a big left hand flush on the chin! Then, he smothers Heraldez with a left to the head and two more punches, before the ref stops it, giving Prograis the third-round TKO victory.

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