Sunday, June 20

LOOK: Gators coach Dan Mullen shows up to press conference dressed as Darth Vader after win vs. Missouri – CBS Sports


Florida Gators coach Dan Mullen got into the Halloween spirit following his team’s 41-17 victory over the Missouri Tigers on Saturday. The 48-year-old coach arrived for his postgame presser in a Darth Vader costume, minutes before the holiday came to an official end at midnight.

Clearly the decision to show up in costume was made prior to the game itself because when put into the context of what happened on the field, it seems a little off-color. But first, let’s check out the costume itself, which included a full lightsaber.

Now back to what happened on the field. The biggest moment in the game happened after the officials blew the whistle at the end of the second quarter. A fight broke out between Missouri and Florida players where actual punches were thrown, resulting in the ejection of three players.

Normally, coaches aren’t involved in these kinds of kerfuffles — in fact, they’re likely trying to stop such things — but Mullen isn’t like most coaches, as you could probably tell with the costume above. But Mullen seemed to be kind of into the whole incident. After a rather tense discussion with Missouri head coach Eliah Drinkwitz and the referee of the game, the Gators coach came back out to get the crowd at ‘The Swamp” on its feet after that fight involving his players.

This is all to say that had he known all of this was going to happen, Mullen perhaps would have gone with a costume of a more flamboyant character, like a professional wrestler, than one known for his ice cold, calculated evil like Vader.

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