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Nets identify 3rd star to team up with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving: Blockbuster trade that would shake… – The Sportsrush

NBA analysts discuss the possibility of Jrue Holiday ending up on the Brooklyn Nets, alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

The New Orleans Pelicans released news concerning Jrue Holiday’s trade availability this past week. Multiple reliable sources claimed the Pels have made Holiday available for trades.

This was bound to happen as the 30-year old does not fit the Pelicans’ timeline at all. A team with young stars like Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Zion Williamson isn’t immediately expected to win.

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It was still surprising as Jrue Holiday is the perfect guard to plug and play in a Stan Van Gundy system. However, receiving young talent in return for a veteran guard would perhaps make more sense for the Pelicans.

Brooklyn Nets could potentially trade for Jrue Holiday

The Jrue Holiday sweepstakes have officially begun, and multiple teams such as the Nuggets and the Warriors have been rumored to be interested.

On the Locked on Nets Podcast, hosts Doug Norrie and Adam Armbrecht talked about Holiday potentially making it onto the Nets roster in exchange for Caris LeVert.

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Norrie said, “The Nets need to add perimeter defense and Holiday does solve that. His timeline is also the same as Kyrie and KD. I would do this deal. Holiday is not nearly the scorer LeVert is but he is a great ball handler.”

Norrie continued on by saying, “I don’t think we’re giving up that much. People think LeVert is young but he’s the same age as Bradley Beal.”

How do Caris LeVert and Jrue Holiday’s contracts match up with one another?

Jrue signed a 5 year/$131 million deal with the Pels and is set to enter the 4th year of his deal.

LeVert recently signed a 3 year/$52 million deal with the Nets, and he is set to enter the 1st year of his contract this upcoming season.

There is about an $8 million difference between what both Jrue and Caris will make for next year so the Nets would have to match Jrue’s salary by adding another player.

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