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Michigan Football: Josh Gattis causes a stir with Ohio State tweet – GBMWolverine

Michigan football fans sometimes overreact to things but offensive coordinator Josh Gattis created a stir with a tweet in favor of Ohio State’s playoff chances.

Ohio State football is pretty darn good. So good that the Buckeyes don’t need any help from Michigan football.

Not that a tweet is help, but Michigan offensive coordinator certainly had some fans up in arms after tweeting an argument in favor of Ohio State making the College Football Playoff, which the Buckeyes did on Sunday. They will play Clemson in the Sugar Bowl.

Maize and Brew documented what was in the tweet sent by Gattis before he later deleted it. Here’s are the contents:

Regardless of polls, a 6-0 BIG team deserves in. No conference has had to endure more

1. The emotional roller coaster if a season would happen/ opt outs

2. No fans all year/Environment

3. 21 day protocol to miss games/ add in injuries/contact tracing

4. Inability to reschedule

— Josh Gattis (@Coach_Gattis) December 21, 2020
He would follow it up with:

“This isn’t an endorsement, this is an acknowledgement of what every kid/team has had to face in our conference. Comments show people put their own selfishness in front of so many kids sacrifice this season.

“Every Big10 player/coach sacrificed more than what anyone can imagine.”

On it’s face, there isn’t much to be upset about there. However, it’s just weird that Gattis felt the need to put that out there.

For one, Ohio State made the playoff and secondly, as I said, the Buckeyes don’t need a helping hand from Michigan and as numerous people pointed out on Twitter, this isn’t the kind of thing Michigan football could expect in return.

Of course, Scott Bell, who is a favorite on Michigan twitter offered this take, which is basically, we should all have something better to do.

At the end of the day, Bell is right but so are those who are questioning Gattis. It’s just a weird thing to put out there and made worse by the fact that he deleted it.

Ohio State coaches won’t even say the word Michigan or type the letter M, so maybe Michigan coaches should spend more time thinking how to beat Ohio State and not why that program deserves to get into a playoff it was already invited to.

This rivalry does seem to be taken more seriously on the Ohio State side and while that may or may not affect the outcome, it seems like things could get ratcheted up a bit on the U-M side.



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